Their are one hundred and one synonyms for the word protect. Recently I’ve learned that whether you are: defending, securing, safekeeping, or ensuring… it is important that you are the number one PROTECTOR of your own happiness!

If you follow my blog,  you already know that the latter half of 2016 was super stressful for me- mentally, physically, and emotionally. I found myself going through one ordeal after another and constantly defending my beliefs to people whom I thought were on the same page as me. Ultimately I had to remove these people from my life. I had to get back to the basics and revisit the places and things that make me happiest. In doing so, I rediscovered apart of me that was lost. I found the light!

I’ve always known that there is a light inside of me. I’ve felt it burning and bubbling in the center of my chest since I was a little girl. People young and old around the world have seen it. Some have even been able to point it out/ put their finger on it, while others have done their best to snuff it out.

When you find that you are in a relationship (Friendship or Romantic), a job, or any kind of situation that is draining you or dimming your light, it’s okay to walk away in order to protect your happiness. As a matter of fact… don’t walk away- RUN!!! Think about it, if a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.

So I stress that if you don’t remember anything else that I say, remember this… “While the light inside of us can lead us to great things, light also attracts moths, and the warmth of your light can attract parasites. PROTECT your ENERGY,  SAFEGARUD your LIGHT, and ENSURE your HAPPINESS!”

  • Pic 1: Getting my “Happy” on at the beach
  • Pic2: Words to live by
  • Pic 3: I love the visual of leaving behind the old and embracing the new!




So you made it to 2017! What now?

Have you set goals or come up with a variety of New Year resolutions that you have no intention of seeing through? Don’t get me wrong… I love ringing in the New Year. I feel its magic and I relish in all of the hope and possibilities that come along with it. However, I’ve never agreed with the concept of waiting to change your life.

If there is one thing that I am certain of, it’s that life comes at you fast and hard, and that no one is promised tomorrow. Therefore I say that the very moment that you are inspired to do better or to be better… you should act! Don’t follow the crowd and start your new health and fitness routine with the rest of the world. If you do, you’ll be more inclined to give up on your goals, when the rest of the world abandons theirs in February.  Don’t wait until the clock strikes midnight to let the love of your life know just how much they mean to you. Do it today, and everyday! If you’ve felt convicted about cussing, drinking, or being argumentative, quit hanging on to those bad habits. Break those chains the moment you feel compelled to do so!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Life is to be lived! Through many trials and tribulations, I’ve learned that I’ve got to do what feels good to my soul ❤

Make 2017 about you! Live authentically and be true to yourself. If you are still unsure of who you are, now is the time to explore. Develop your gifts by investing in something that you love and move at your own pace.

As we settle into the New Year, keep in mind that if you don’t like something about your life, you and only you can change it. So don’t hesitate and don’t delay. As one of my favorite groups En Vogue A.K.A. the Funky Divas once sang…  “Give it up, Turn it Loose”.

Pouring From Empty

I am a WIFE. I am a MOTHER. I am a DEVOTED DAUGHTER. I am an EDUCATOR and a MENTOR. I am a COACH. I am the PRESIDENT of the PTA at my boys elementary school. I am a VOLUNTEER, I am a THESPIAN, I am a CRAFTOR, I am a straight up HUSTLER, and…


I talk a lot about setting rules and boundaries and carving out time for yourself, but truth be told… I am a chronic over-committer who always puts the needs and wants of others over my personal self-care. A few weeks ago the burden of my sometimes insurmountable commitments and activities caught up with me. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say that I bottomed out mentally, physically, and emotionally (there were tears, tears, and more tears). Not only was my breakdown overdue, but it was scary!!! I felt like the world was crashing down around me and I had no control of it. It was then that I realized that it was time to make some changes.

Looking back I can’t help but to laugh at myself because deep down, I knew what needed to be done. The problem was, I just didn’t want to do it. After all, I was put on this earth to serve!!! Isn’t it selfish to feed my own soul when I’m clearly being told to give, serve, and lead? Just as I was struggling with what to do next, God delivered a message to me via a new FRIEND. The message simply stated… “You cannot pour from empty.”

Those simple words spoke volumes! I’d been filling up on superficial acts for so long that I had forgotten what it felt like to truly thirst and hunger for something. Indeed it was time to do away with the superficial and focus on being intentional.

It’s been a month since I started over! I’ve learned more in the past 30 days, than I have over the course of my entire life; and it’s all because I took the time to listen to myself. I put every piece of myself under a microscope and did away with that which no longer spoke to me. Doing so was surprisingly easier than I imagined it would be, which serves as further proof of my growth and development.

Next, I cut ties with people and situations that were holding me back. I did so without making excuses or offering apologies. I sat aside time that is exclusively for my family and I made prayer and meditation an integral part of my day. I even went as far as deactivating my old Instagram (which was kinda trashy), and switching up my Facebook and twitter.

Blocking out the distractions of the world was super important for me, as reconnecting with who I am at my core was vital. I knew that I had to clear all my baggage (every bit of it!), and I realized that it was time to stop worrying about other people’s opinions of me. How I feel about myself -will from here on out always be my major concern. Afterall, I have to live with me!

The moral of this story my friends is that in order to complete the task that God has given us, we must be INTENTIONAL. If we cannot discern what is best for us as individuals, we cannot truly serve! It is okay to put yourself first; to feed your soul, and do what makes you happy! Doing so impacts your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being and allows the best version of you to show up in all you do.

Quit pouring from empty! Live INTENTIONALLY ❤

img_7284Me finally resting ❤

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied.