What About Your Friends

I’ve been thinking a lot about friendships and how fragile and complicated some of these relationships can be. Friends play a vital role in making us who we are as individuals; true friends boost our self-confidence, are our partners in crime, our shoulder to cry on, and our comfort zones. In some instances, we are closer to our friends than we are to our siblings. That’s why it’s important that anyone in your life that you have given the “Friendship/Bestie” title, is able to – for lack of a better word… CHECK you!

Seriously… friends have the unique ability to pick up on the things happening around us and in true “Captain Save a Hoe” fashion, predict the negative outcomes of situations. It is then up to us to heed the advice of the people we trust to tell us the harsh truths and keep us grounded. In short… we choose whether or not to be saved!

Thankfully, I have been blessed with an amazing and diverse group of friends whom respect and value my opinion just as much as I do theirs. However… I realize that not everyone is as fortunate as I am. So what is one to do when you have a friend who is just stuck on stupid!?!? Do you continue to offer advise? Do you allow them to self destruct? Do you stick around to pick up the pieces after they fall apart, or do you give into your frustrations and walk away?

Here comes the blessing in today’s lesson…

It doesn’t matter how wonderful of a person you are, or how good a friend you are. You cannot save a person who doesn’t want to be saved. People have to want to change. They have to want better… and do better! Until our friends have reached a turning point in which they are open to receiving love and direction; your intentions, no matter how noble they may be, will be misinterpreted.

While I believe that holding on and hanging in there are signs of strength and integrity,  it is just as important that you know when to let go!  Remember this… “Sometimes people have to fall apart to realize that they need to fall back together.”


images2EBR4ZYJIMG_33281IMG_33411 This picture sums up over 30 yrs. of friendship! All the ladies pictured above make up the pieces of me. we’ve laughed, cried, loved, hated, and held on for years and years. I love my tribe to the moon and back <3.




I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend. I am an Artist. I am Music. I am Poem. I am Dance. I am Revolution, Renaissance , and Reconstruction. I am whatever I want to be; because I am uniquely me!

One thought on “What About Your Friends”

  1. Hello my friend! I enjoyed reading your blog. As usual, you have salient points! Remember…you can lead a horse to the fountain, but you can’t make them drink! Continue to be a friend. I’m glad we’re friends/sisters! Keep blogging!

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