Keep It Movin’

Life is hard; that’s a fact! I wish that it could be different. That everyday could be filled with rainbows and butterflies. I wish that the only tears that we ever shed were tears of joy. However,  we know that’s not reality. Over the years I’ve learned that we can either wallow around in the pain, resentment, and self doubt  that life can bring; or we can chose to be happy!!!
When I was an undergrad at “The Hampton University”, my sorority sister’s and I use to live by the motto “Keep it Moving”. We’d plan community service activities, study groups, and parties around campus and throughout the community. Everyone would pitch in and play a role in the planning/execution of the event. Occasionally, a Soror was unable to fufill her obligation. Instead of getting pissed off or going off, we would simply say “let’s keep it moving”. Without hesitation, someone would jump in and take over her role, and the show would indeed go on! As I transitioned through life I would often encounter unexpected obstacles in both my professional and personal relationships; my career, and my family life. There were so many times that I wanted to curl up in my bed, ignore the telephone ringing, the knocks at the door, and the endless emails. I wanted to be able to drop the ball and have someone step in and pick up the pieces for me. Unfortunately,  I learned the hard way that oftentimes instead of someone being there to have my back- there would be people waiting for me to fall!!! I quickly learned that in order to truly be happy, I couldn’t allow the hurt and pain that life can bring to slow me down. I ‘d have to keep moving, and learn to master the art of Bouncing Back!
Today, my mission is to encourage and inspire women of all ages to live there best lives! I want the world to understand that there are two things that truly define us. (1) Your patience when you have nothing; (2)and your attitude when you have everything! So I encourage you to walk through life with me. I’ll share my crazy and sometimes corny adventures with you.  I’ll show you how I live my best life, and share some of the brilliant life hacks I’ve discovered!!!! Don’t be fooled… I don’t even pretend to have it all together. I am definitely still working on my masterpiece- but, I am truly happy, and that is what life is all about! There are so many beautiful reason to be happy! So make the most of everyday and keep moving to the end of your own rainbow <3.



I am a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister and Friend. I am an Artist. I am Music. I am Poem. I am Dance. I am Revolution, Renaissance , and Reconstruction. I am whatever I want to be; because I am uniquely me!

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